My lack of sleep anticipating today’s storm riding was all for nothing.  The crazy canyon commute, long lift lines, closed terrain, and extremely dense snow made for one frustrating day.  Not to say there weren’t some great moments intertwined in there but the overall experience of today’s skiing was sub-par.

The 28″ storm total sounded impressive but barely being able to sink in to the top 2″ made for some disappointing turns.  Most gates remained closed all day including access into Fred’s Trees which shut down around 1:30. However, I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much considering Snowbird  didn’t even open today.  Hopefully tomorrow the weather and crowds chill out a bit and patrol can get some extra terrain open.

Mike Fillnow - Westward Ho
Mike Fillnow – Westward Ho

2 Replies to “The 28″ Storm That Felt Like A 2″ Dump”

  1. I had a great day. Was up there for the 11:20 opening and got a bunch of laps in Freds. If you couldn’t sleep, you could have gotten up the canyon earlier 😉

  2. I talked with a bunch of people who said the same thing. Mike and I just couldn’t get in a groove. Not one of our shots was edit worthy!

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