I thought a bottle of tequila and some ribeyes would be enough of a birthday present but no apparently I also had to hike up a mountain with my skis on my back and ski down. Haha I complain but it’s always an adventure and the leg and lung/heart exercise is great. And since I wouldn’t choose to do it of my own accord I shall count it as a blessing. As long as I don’t get seriously injured or die. 

The chute’s crux at the bottom was beginning to melt into a waterfall and we spotted some people from the road that took a while to navigate the skinny watery passage on their way down. However, we’ve done this climb in much worse and watery conditions that we were confident it would be relatively easy. It really was getting to the breaking up point because Nate fell right through to the water. This left a broken piece of snow for myself to navigate before I was safe. It worked out but that crux doesn’t have many more days before it’s all waterfall. 

The chute didn’t really have a boot pack but it did have a wiggle. The top has a small drop in and the snow was slippery so you kinda just had to let it go loose and keep turning despite not having much purchase on the snow. A fun ride and a beautiful day!

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