After the atmostpheric river of wet Pacific snowfall ended yesterday a shot of dry cold snow fell, about 4 inches after the lifts closed.  This set Alta up for a whole new kind of skiing.  The snow was responsive playful and fast, almost velvety where it was untracked.  Maybe even more importantly, so many rocks and stumps are now covered.

We happened to witness the opening of the Tower 10 Traverse from the chairlift and then grabbed a fresh line of our own down Lone Pine.  Later we were tricked into believing Catherine’s was open only to find it wasn’t and terrain off Supreme was all moguls.  A line gathered for the opening of Baldy Shoulder unfortunately only Ballroom was to be opened.  We’re all still licking our chops at the sight of all that upper terrain.  Hopefully a High Traverse opening is in sight!  More snow coming late Wednesday night, Christmas is going to be a pow day!
[youtube width=”630″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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