This was a much anticipated storm after the dry spell we’ve had. And with dumpage in the city, we figured the junk show into and up canyon would be epic. We were pleasantly surprised, it only took about an hour to get to Alta and at 11am the parking lot was still only 1/3 full. No real lift lines all day long made for a great day.

Our never-ending issues with GoPro batteries continued in the cold air today as the 360 Max kept turning off. We lost a number of good shots, oh well. Our buddy Josh joined us today so maybe that made up for it. 

We started the day by allowing Josh to show us “Larkspur Bowl.” I always thought it was called Sunspot but Josh, who pooped in his car while waiting for the canyon to open, insisted on Larkspur. The snow was not blower but it was really good and deep. We then hit Thirds to Bombay Chute to North Rustler. All footage was on the 360 Max and therefore non-existent. We found great untracked snow in Rustler 4 and then Keyhole opened and we sampled some of the goods on the other side. 

All in all a fantastic day and tomorrow is going to be another! Get some! 

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