We had a late start and traffic was oddly still really bad at 11am, so afternoon it was and we figured inbounds would be tracked so to Rocky and Patsy (Microwave technically-we stand corrected) we ventured. Supreme was looking fun and Catherine’s also was decently untracked. But our old knees were yearning for untracked. Or was it so Nate could launch those old knees into peril.

I first hit the line above and over from A Frame and that snow was really good but I had to really push to keep speed on the lesser angled slope. The snow had some wind effect on it but still kinda blower in its own way. I began putting in the skin track and set up a shot of Nate hitting B Frame. His plan was to ski right into it without stamping the take-off. It was an uphill take-off of pow and unfortunately Nate’s right hand hits a covered tree branch on lift off and throws him sideways into the air. So of course he wants revenge and we skin back up Rocky and I hit a different line skier’s right of the Rocky peak with a tiny cliff at the bottom and get back into position for Nate’s 2nd attempt. He’s decided to hit A Frame this time. We still don’t know what exactly happened. There was crazy wind that could have gusted or maybe he just got bucked somehow but he was very much hip checking into the landing. It wasn’t the best start of the day but we still had Patsey to look forward to. 

On the skin up I was a total beater. My left skin kept falling off. The wind was whipping hard and it was cold and I was frustrated but we trudged on because that’s what skiers do and we got to the top of a very windy Patsey Marley. We skied the gut and the snow up top was decent but there was some wind effect on it. I crashed hard going fast and I still don’t know what happened. I might have caught a buried tree or maybe just really weird snow. Either way it wasn’t a pleasant fall right above some small trees but I was fine other than goggles. The best snow was down low on Patsey. It didn’t have any signs of wind down low and it was true blower pow. 

There was a long cold walk back to the car at 6pm. We also parked in the wrong lot! We totally blew it today! Still worth it and really good snow! 

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