It’s been a while since we have had significant snow at Alta. It’s also been a while since we have done a regular edit. So we were determined to squeeze out some shots this afternoon.
We were surprised to find really soft shredable snow on West Rustler and anything that was baking in the sun all afternoon. 
The High Traverse is quite rutted out but if you take the low line it isn’t bad. Going all the way to High Boy takes some effort but it’s probably worth it still. 
Devil’s Castle was interesting. Nate chose the ultra spicy route down through terrible conditions on Sneaky Pete’s. We looked at Bat Cave and decided no way with the hard almost icy conditions in the chute. We were impressed to see that a lot of the cliffs in that area had been hit. 
All in all it was a warm sunny spring day at Alta. The groomers were ripping and West Rustler was the highlight. Pray for snow! 

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