Alta had a lot of work to do to cover up the icy moguls that had formed over the past few days. With up to 20 inches forecast, we figured that ice would be a distant memory. This storm turned into a swirling brontosaurus with areas in SLC getting close to 5 inches, rivaling what Alta received–a meager 6 inches. 
Despite the disappointing result, we were up there early and ready to ski anything that didn’t resemble the last two months (yes this winter has sucked that bad.)  
We started out with a Backside lap that was actually really good. You hit the ice and moguls in most places but there were slopes that had previously remained smooth that skied excellent. Keyhole had some deep snow, and a lot of ice too. Baldy Shoulder had similar conditions. 
We’ll take it, because we have no other option. Hopefully the next storm will produce what we deserve! 

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