Snow was in the forecast for the day, a meager 2-4 inches. So we decided maybe the last few hours of the day would be the best. I think we were right. The crowds were gone. No more than 5 minutes waited in any one lift line. And just about no one out at the High Notch on Backside.
We headed straight out to the Backside where we found deep cream up top. Rippable cream. There were still lots of rock hazards but you could find filled in lines that were ready to get shredy. Down lower the snow had a more recognizable crust layer beneath but it still wasn’t that disruptive. 
We also skied a Thirds that was somewhat ripping too. There were some local pros, Pollard and his crew, that we witnessed absolutely shred the crap out of the chutes and tiny airs in Thirds. This was encouraging as we weren’t totally sure on the coverage in those rockier chutes until we saw them sending.
All in all a very good day of skiing. There’s more small snowstorms in the next couple of days so it’s only going to get better! 

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