Alta got hit with a foot of snow overnight and more was in the forecast for today. We got a late start because of work not hitting the Sandy roads until 920am, and the snake began well before the Wasatch intersection. We had to get into the canyon before 11 as the road was scheduled to close from 11-2. This would be perfect as I had to get back to work by 3. Spoiler alert: the road did not open until after 5, and I did not make it to work at all.

We decided to head right back into the bus lap routine as it had treated us so well a few days back. This decision didn’t disappoint, we found fresh lines top to bottom and our great shuttle drivers were killing it all day. Remember to tip your shuttle drivers!

The snow had a density to it for sure, but it was still skiing so well. You could throw up face shots and you could rip fast turns in it too. Even where it was tracked was still skiing great. Another magical day in Little Cottonwood Canyon! 

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