Utah has been getting pounded with the snow the past couple of weeks. There was lots of anticipation going into this past weekend with up to 72″ in the forecast. I doubted that number but we were getting hit no matter what. The holiday/weekend crowds spilled into Monday and tempted as we were, there were reports of set up snow,  heavy snow, crowds, traffic, and the bad visibility was the last straw. We opted to wait until Tuesday.

We weren’t sure what to expect today. We figured everything would be pretty tracked out, but there was a few fresh inches overnight and it was still snowing. Then Key Hole opened up and all-a-sudden our day became super mondo sicky epic!! It hadn’t opened yesterday and you could tell by how deep it was. 

Towards the middle of the afternoon we were eyeing Patsey Marley in the sun. If Nate didn’t have 2 kids we would be doing that tomorrow morning for sure. Go get your’s! 

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