In April of this year a gigantic winter storm hit Utah, serving as the grand finale to the historic record breaking season at Alta. 903 inches was the official total for the 2022-2023 winter. We were fortunate enough to spend the week up at Alta to witness for ourselves this incredible end to the winter.

It didn’t come without its downfalls. There was so much snow that huge avalanches hit the road in areas that haven’t seen that kind of activity in a long time. 80 year old trees were snapped like twigs. At one point Snowbird experienced a slide that crossed the road and threatened to bury children in the Chickadee area. Luckily no one was buried. We arrived at the lodge late Sunday night right before the road closed and it didn’t open again until Friday morning. There were two country club days-Monday and Thursday. Lots of hanging out in the lodge, hot tubbing and shooting the shit with vacationers and locals alike. What a way to finish off a record breaking season!

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