There hasn’t been a ton of expectation leading into this weekend’s opening day. The initial planned date was canceled. We haven’t been getting much snow. On Monday there was still no announcement for opening day. But then it came, Saturday, not the usual Friday. Then more snow started falling.

A couple of hits and all-a-sudden there was hope. Not an absurd amount of hope, just a little. High Traverse wasn’t ever in the equation. Honestly all I was thinking about a couple of days ago was a groomer say. Well we got a hell of a lot more than that today. We got legit pow turns all morning. And I didn’t even hit one rock. Nate was not so lucky. Based partly on the size of the lift lines but mostly on our plan to hike Baldy Shoulder we opted to lap Wildcat. Ballroom did open and we were sad to miss that early on but no regrets because we found great snow on the lower Shoulder and in Blitz.

Some of the stuff under the lower Wildcat lift was fun too but definitely still very bony. We were very happy to start the season off with some Utah powder. Booyah Alta!

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