Yesterday, Sunday, was the anticipated pow day since we couldn’t make it for the storm day on Saturday. But Sunday turned out to be a bit of a bust for us. Long lines, and I stupidly forgot my shovel and probe, so we bailed early with full intentions to redeem ourselves Monday. I believe we accomplished this goal. 
The plan from the start was to head right away to Rocky Point. At the top of the tiny peak we ran into our buddy Bagel Boy who happened to be filming a few local pros, Blake Wilson Tim McChesney and some other dude we failed to remember the identity of. We’ve seen Blake around before and so we set up some shots of him and the crew. If the lighting had been a bit better the shots could have truly been epic. But we’ll take what we got, those bros sent their lines, big smooth stylish and even a tree tap. 
After skiing deep fluff in Rocky we skinned our way to the top of Patsey with varying skies. The sun kept trying to break through. We didn’t get the best lighting up on Patsey for the perfect drone shots but it was good enough to see and shred the line with speed and confidence. This felt really good for the first run down Patsey this season! It was invigorating to finally get that tagged. There were some rocks for sure but we found open fields of powder that were red-to-shred. It’s getting good out there folks! More snow in the forecast too. Go get you some! 

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