We spent the entire week up at the Goldminer’s Daughter. It was a historic week at the end of a historic winter. Tuesday and Wednesday were full interlodge and Alta did not open either day. By Wednesday afternoon everything looked so tasty but alas the lifts did not open.

Thursday morning we anticipated a typical opening time and waited patiently for the interlodge sign to drop. There were 8 skiers in front of us and the plan was to B-line it for High Boy. Unfortunately, when we crested the entrance we saw that Alta employees had already trounced it in the 8 minutes we lost sight of the line. So we opted for Eagle’s Nest which was deep and awesome.

The snow was really good early on but by the afternoon it began to set up. Then around 1pm a huge slide broke from Mt. Superior and hit Snowbird. It was immediately back to interlodge. 

A special thanks to Chris Adams and Bomb Squad Ski Company for putting us up for the week and fully facilitating this epic week! It won’t soon be forgotten. 


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