Nate and I were asked to do some product testing and create content for a new up and coming brand of ski wear, Bomb Squad. The winter’s end is nearing so company owner Chris Adams felt that squeeze and enticed us up canyon for a 4 day interlodge event. Our goal, shred pow and get footage of the new ski jackets in action.

When I frantically got out of work early on Sunday evening to beat the canyon closure, I wasn’t aware just how good of a decision this was. We were interlodged Sunday night at 11pm but by Monday morning the storm let up a bit and allowed Alta Ski Patrol to get things going. Alta opened from about 930am to 3pm and LCC road stayed closed all day. It truly was a country club day in every sense of the expression.

The ski jackets are prototypes and still have some tweaks necessary, but overall the jacket is really bomber in the snowy cold and has real style. It is modeled after the 1940s Army 10th Division jacket. They were an outfit of soldiers who were highly skilled skiers and went on to help build the USA ski industry. The jacket is reversible and will come in several colors and types.

We’re still up here for 2 more days. Today, Tuesday, has been spent in interlodge, editing footage and hitting the hot tub. We’ll be ready for more pow tomorrow morning. 


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