Smith I/O Interchangeable Optic Spherical GoogleI got my first pair of Smith I/O spherical googles three seasons ago and will never go back. These Smith goggles come with a sleek rimless design and the lenses are spherical and oversized which provides visual clarity. The oversized spherical lenses curve like the natural shape of your eye and gives visual peripheral vision clarity. So now one can see someone coming along the cat track at Alta as they come off of High Rustler and avoid a collision.

My favorite feature about these goggles is the ease to change the lenses. Two moves of the finger and a quick slide of the lens and it pops out and you can slide the new lens into place. They are the easiest lenses to change on the market. Smith uses a lens technology called Vaporator which keeps the fog off your lenses.

If you want a goggle that is fog free, has an easy way to change the lens and gives you the best visual clarity on the mountain, then put on the Smith I/O Interchangeable Optic Spherical Goggle and you will not be disappointed.

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