Not to say I didn’t hit a ton of rocks but the conditions at Alta yesterday were pretty solid in those grassy safe areas.  The snow was light on top and thankfully pretty thick underneath providing decent protection from the rocks and bushes.  Unfortunately the skiing off of Baldy Shoulder was extremely rocky once you got half way down the slope.  With close to a foot of fresh falling the base is starting to look like it might last into winter.  This could be a real problem for our avalanche conditions if the weather continues to fluctuate over the course of the next few weeks.  Alta opens in 48 days so start getting those boards waxed.


2 Replies to “Preseason Alta Conditions Continue To Improve”

  1. Did your bike break? No whiskey in all of Utah? Those are some desperation turns. Come out here, we have 5000 ft descents with no rocks and definitely no grass. On another note do you know anyone looking to sell some used dynafits?

  2. I’m a desperate man Chris. 5,000 foot decents eh…where’s my edit? No leads on dynafits. Your’s break?

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