Yesterday morning was another beautiful day up in Alta. While there was only about an inch of snow overnight, Devils Castle hadn’t been open in a few days so the snow collected nicely in there. Not wanting to freeze our ass off, we decided to take a couple laps on Sugarloaf until the castle was opened. Rob “to the wall or not at all” Rowley of course was waiting at the front of the gate for over an hour. Yet, our timing was good and we got off the sugerloaf lift just as the gate opened and must have been about the 10th and 11th people through the gate.

Rather than wipe ourselves out with the sidestep all the way to the wall, Steve and I decided to drop in early and take the easy powder that was right in front of us. I dropped first to test the snow and get set up with the camera. This first clip is Steve’s first few turns on this Lazy-Mans castle shot.
[youtube][/youtube] After Steve’s run, I gave him the camera to film me coming down the rest of the shot. Even though he got a bit distracted by another powder skier, he managed to get me coming off the little cornice and all the way to him.
[youtube][/youtube] As you can see, it doesn’t take long for the Castle to get tracked up, but it was still soft in there for several more laps. And if you’re not lazy and willing to go to the wall, you could even find untracked powder late in the day.

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