Friday February 26th was another blue-bird powder day up in Alta. The Backside, Ballroom/Baldy Shoulder and Devils Castle all had 18″ of untouched powder from the previous 2 days. The patrol let us at ’em in that order, although we didn’t break out the camera until we got into Ballroom. This first clip is of Johnny getting freshies on the Ballroom/Shoulder rope line.
[youtube][/youtube] These next clips are of Johnny and Timmy’s run up in Eddie’s High Nowhere. You can see that the fracture line from the avalance several weeks ago has filled in nicely, but there’s still a bit of a drop off so be careful.
[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Tim finishes up the Eddie’s run by ducking into Suzy’s trees:
[youtube][/youtube] And on the next run in Suzy’s, we bumbed into Drew and she jumped at the chance to be on The Daily Pow:
[youtube][/youtube] It looks like it may be a while before the next big storm comes rolling through so I hope you all enjoyed Friday. Keep praying for more powder!

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