The storm scheduled for today was potentially up to 16 inches of thick snow so expectations were moderate to high. This morning, when we saw there was more snow in the valley than the 1 inch reported at Alta, we decided to walk dogs and play with children for a few to let the white stuff pile up some more. It never really happened. 3 inches reported when we set out for a Rocky Point Patsey Marley lap just after noon. We decided inbounds with those meager amounts would be dust on mogully crust at best. 
What we found in Rocky was deep untouched cream. There was a bottom but it didn’t have much of an effect on our skis. You could actually get somewhat barreled! 
Patsey Marley was more of the same. And we had a relatively easy boot pack up considering we had to set it from bottom to top. Cold and awesome day and the toes are paying for it right now.

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