Our buddy Josh planned on being at the Grizzly Gulch trailhead at 6am. Nate and I really don’t operate that way. I was at Nate’s by 7am, I thought that was pretty good. Not Josh good, but still decently good.

Nate and I took our sweet ass time skinning up Grizzly. I think almost 2.5 hours by the time we were ready to ski our lines.  We did make up for it later by ascending from bottom of Wolvie up the north side of the cirque to the top of Patsey in 27 minutes. 

The snow this morning in Wolverine Cirque was velvety smooth. Super good. Huge cornices everywhere. As the morning progressed we started seeing lots of roller balls coming down from everyone’s turns. But surprisingly, around 1230pm we skied down west facing Patsey Marley and the top skied really nicely. The bottom got sticky. All in all a great day in the Wasatch backcountry. 

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