For those of us who’ve been skiing Alta for a long time, the state of our mountain has definitely reached a place once inconceivable. There is literally a boot pack that switches to sidestep going up Backside turning and ending on the top of Thirds.  You can also hike the boot pack up Jitterbug to access front facing terrain.
The smartest trip we found was Backside traverse crossing above Susie’s to a short side step that takes you across the bottom of Thirds and allows you to access High Boy and subsequently Lone Pine.  We put in time sidestepping the upper section of High Boy to access Lone Pine because we dropped too low.  These kinds of things aren’t supposed to happen but they are and we’re embracing it.  Get out there and explore because it ain’t bad!  Oh and the forecast is getting better, light has been spotted at the end of the tunnel.

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