Another 14 inches of October snow fell yesterday and last night. Skiers got after it early this morning, with fluffy but cloudy conditions. We weren’t able to get up until after 3pm and the air was warming a bit but the clouds were still hanging around.
By the time we were reaching the upper part of Greely Hill the skies began to part and we were treated to some beautiful winter scenery. At this point we could see most areas at Alta had been skied. However the rocky skier’s left side was untouched so we went for it. One rock was definitely hit. 
We traversed out to Eagle’s Nest for our second line and found the main gut hadn’t been touched either so again we took our chances and found soft untracked pow all the way to the creek. It was a really good day. More snow in the forecast too so it’s looking like this snowpack is here to stay. Keep your fingers crossed we don’t see too much warming in the next few weeks. 

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