Don’t worry, it wasn’t actually a country club day. But it sure did feel like that out on Road to Nowhere and terrain near Bombay Chute. The reason for this was that most skiers weren’t making the long traverse from The Backside to access it. The snow stayed untracked and absolutely rippable at least up until 1pm when we left.
What we expected for today was clearer skies and a chance to get leftovers on the Shoulder. What we got was varying clouds without great visibility but excellent snow from Yellow Trail all the way through to the edges of North Rustler. 
Today was the perfect cocktail for potential disaster. Rippable snow with the first inkling of the season that we could actually start to lay out some deep and fast turns. But there were still so many invisible hazards. We were aware of the dangers but the untracked snow kept beckoning us to keep pushing the speed. We eventually got what was coming to us. I cranked on a rock hard going fast which through me into a wicked tomahawk. Somehow I skied away unscathed but my ski took a beating. Then Nate tried a similar line and cranked himself on a covered tree that put serious impact into his lower back.
It was truly a surprisingly fantastic day at Alta. We got lucky there at the end. The skiing was top notch if you could get the invisible hazards out of your mind. With more snow on the way things could really start to ramp up! 

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