This storm was cold and potent, dumping about 4 feet of snow on Alta. This put us over the 748″ all-time record of ’81-82′. The wind and snow continued all day which kept all of the open terrain smooth and soft even if it was tracked.

We started with a High Boy that was very fun and playful and fast. Eagle’s Nest was one of the best areas of the day because of its protection from the wind and excellent visibility. 

I was supposed to work at 3pm so I attempted to get down canyon before the 1230pm closure, however I was 30 seconds and 5 cars too late. So I headed back to Alta in a blizzard and developed vertigo from the blinding road. I recovered in my car with some lunch and met up with the boys again. Unfortunately around 330pm the snow was so intense Alta had to call interlodge and we all rushed to the Peruvian. The road opened up at 645pm and we luckily made it home in time for our graveyard shifts. What a day! 

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