I did miss yesterday which contained a little less sunshine than today so I might have missed the #1 worst day of the season but I certainly caught #2 today.  The High-T is now closed due to the recent drop in temperatures creating a bulletproof sheet of ice across the whole face.  Groomers are currently harder than they are not fun.  Devil’s Castle is beat to death with very few options to enjoy yourself.

Tombstone is the only area we found that had a slightly grippy buff layer but it’s hardly enough to keep you coming back for more.  Our one saving grace might be the warmer temps forecasted to hit Wednesday and Thursday.  If things can corn up a bit it may be worth skiing again.

[youtube width=”630″ height=”360″]http://youtu.be/GdUY2aU976w[/youtube]

3 Replies to “Worst Day Of The Season?”

  1. Cry me a river… or better yet freeze those tears and cry me a snowstorm.
    You can’t even imagine how bad it is out here. Worst day of the season looks not so bad

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