If you had a long work week Mother Nature evidently felt your pain. Dropping 17″ over the past 48 hours you couldn’t have asked for better pow days. Although voluptuous, last nights snowfall was a bit thick and in most places didn’t allow for any deep trenching turns. Skiing the Backside you almost felt like you were skiing on a groomer as you really didn’t sink in to the fresh pow at all. Keyhole seemed to be the one exception as face shots and waist deep turns were a-plenty. In Rocky Point Alta locales were hucking their meat throwing ginormous airs off of both A and B Frame. Our next system looks to make it’s way in starting tomorrow night and is forecasted to bring us 5-10″ of additional snowfall. Don’t put away those pow boards yet!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”375″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82tRKgQsO8Y[/youtube]

One Reply to “Weekend Warrior’s Pow!”

  1. So the first shot of you jumping into that pillow was awesome!
    The third shot of cliff hucking (B frame??) was also awesome; very Akinesque, but I thought he wasn’t skiing yet… hahaha

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