What a difference a day can make! After Mother Nature kicked us while we were down with a depressing rain event this past Wednesday she picked us right back up with a generous 3 inches of graupel yesterday morning. This time last year I never would have described 3 inches as being generous but, at this point i think everyone can agree, any snow is better than no snow. With this season finally teaching me the art of ‘no expectations,’ I found today’s skiing to be surprisingly good. Baldy Shoulder opened and was very smooth and creamy throughout. The Jitterbug boot pack provided access to a super-chalky High Boy and even though lift lines were at times quite long most of Alta’s off trail terrain remained empty.  Looks like 2-5 inches forecasted for tonight into tomorrow. Hope everyone has a happy New Year!

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”375″]http://vimeo.com/34393677[/vimeo]

4 Replies to “Weather Change?”

  1. There is a very striking resemblance in outfits. The only solution is for Nate to commit to blue pants from here on out.

  2. Hmm, yes. Or Cory could take his newly purchased pants back and get a new color. Or maybe Nate could refuse to film Cory. Or the two of you could fight it out. Last one standing keeps the green. Lots of solutions…

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