Winter has returned to Utah in full force. With snow falling most of the day and snow forecast every day this week except Monday, it’s safe to say we are back on track!

6 inches overnight and another 6 expected during the day, expectations were set to high for Little Cottonwood.  Everyone and their mothers set aim for the canyon, and traffic got backed up in a serious way. 3-4 hour commutes were being reported. We took the easy way out and left around 1030, and cruised up at a beastly 10 mph. 

The mountain got beat up by those lucky enough to be there early, but it was still snowing hard and we found great snow in Keyhole. We even tried a new entry point at the Doorknob gate which turned out to be pretty cool. 

The hard icy moguls are quickly becoming buried and by midweek we might be bottomless. Cheers to that. 

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