Wow! Finally winter has temporarily returned.  This weeks storm certainly produced.  We saw a storm total of 22″ and it wasn’t the super heavy stuff either.  It snowed all day yesterday making for one of the deepest days of the season.  Today the clouds parted and we were treated to bluebird skies and fresh powder!

The mountain was crowded, as you would expect from a pow starved Alta community, but with so much freshly open terrain lift lines stayed manageable.  We chose to venture out into Rocky Point and Patsey Marley early on and found some incredibly light and fluffy powder.  Inbounds, most gates opened outside of Devil’s Castle which should be amazing when it opens tomorrow.  Get it while it lasts.  High pressure is back.

[youtube width=”630″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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  1. Wow!! what passes for a great storm these days….
    Looks a lot radder than what I’ve been doing. Glad you guys got some!

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