Today was a beautiful day at Alta, the sun was shining, and the snow was ripping.  Temps were cold with 2 degree highs reading at the top.  Our first run was on Jitterbug; the High Traverse was a bit rough with huge moguls and spotty rocks.  The snow on Jitterbug was like a parfait, light powder layered on grabby crust with a refreshing base of ice. It was a pleasant surprise when we hit the tower 10 traverse and the parfait melted together for some fun turns. The highlight of our day was Thirds to Greely. The view of Mount Superior and our valley free from inversion made all of us happy. The upper turns were okay, but past the chutes we found powy goodness and fun. Greely was fast and soft. Baldy shoulder or Backside did not open today, so wear your layers and head up for the goods tomorrow.

try meA big thank you to Katie Fillnow for the report and pictures.

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