As alluded to in the previous post about the 100″ base prior to Christmas, below is a compilation of our best POV footage from the Pre-Christmas storm cycle of 2010. We’ve got clips in here from all over the mountain. Christian wore the GoPro on his helmet, while Jesse and Gary took turns with the chest harness. The clip is a little longer than we would have liked, but there was just too much good footage to pass up. Particularly aboutĀ four and half minutes in when Gary gets hung up on one of his favorite tree lines in thirds. Three somersaults later and he’s right back up as if nothing ever happened. And he more than redeemed himself on the next run with his line on “the spines” in west rustler.
[youtube][/youtube] What an awesome storm cycle this was. Maybe the best I’ve ever experienced in December. Looks like we’ll have a bit of sunshine though to start the new year. It shouldn’t be long at all before the next storm cycle kicks up. Bring on the Powder!

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