Thanks to everyone who did their snow dance over the weekend. Mother Nature granted us two fresh inches yesterday, doubling what she originally promised. If you could withstand the extremely cold temps the skiing was actually pretty good. The video below was filmed mostly off of the jitterbug boot pack where good snow is still abundant. Just beware of the low snow pack or your skis will end up like mine — beat up.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

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  1. Really good advice. I’m always telling everyone who’s reticent about the winter ride that it’s all about layering and thermals. I ride in Chicago, and from what I understand the weather here is comparable to NY, snow and all. This is pretty much exactly the way I dress up, except my long underwear doesn’t come out until around ten or fifteen degrees, otherwise I get way too hot. I also don’t have a windbreaker, I have a very thick hoodie that cuts the wind and keeps me warm, and it lets me keep my hood up underneath the helmet to keep my head and ears warm. I’ll usually tie a bandana across my face. When it’s really cold out (lower teens and single digits), I break out the balaclava. As for gloves, I like to use the mittens that double as fingerless gloves when you fold them back, it makes for a lot more dexterity with locks and helmets. When it’s really cold, I’ll wear a pair of thin knit gloves underneath. Fenders are essential, but when it’s really slushy out my feet tend to get pretty wet despite them. I got a pair of galoshes (or “rubber overshoe”) to wear when it’s raining or the slush is overwhelming. They work great and really help to cut the wind (I wear shoes like yours). The only downside was that they cost almost thirty dollars, but it was worth it to not have wet socks. Plus, when everything else like gloves and long sleeved shirts are either very cheap or already somewhere in your closet, it takes some of the bite off of the price.

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