This year’s Frank may or may not have been the last.  Let’s hope not because once again the festivities reminded us just how much fun the party known simply as Frank can be.  Locals worked extra hard this past week to build a stage for the announcing crew and others took on the even larger project of building a series of jumps.  A tunnel was constructed with at least 6 huge kickers surrounding it.  A less-than-Bud-mogul-tour quality bump line was also in place down the gut of Punch Bowl.

Skiers were as usual throwing huge tricks and taking crazy speed in to the kickers.  And the party of onlookers was larger than any of the previous years.  First place went to local Andrew Pollard, for no particular reason and that’s how we like it.  Cheers to everyone who participated and those who just showed up to drink.
[vimeo width=”630″ height=”360″][/vimeo]

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