Today was a gorgeous blue bird powder day up in Alta. The birds were chirping and the powder was deep. What a way to end the year!

The first clip is of me getting a couple untracked turns on Greely hill. Yes, I know, I was milking it. And it was also JJ’s first time with the camcorder, so she loses me on the first turn, but then I reappear with a face shot.


This second clip is of JJ getting an untracked line on Yellow Trail. You can see Lee Cohen standing in the middle of the run with Caroline, working hard to get a pow shot that will hopefully be his next cover of Powder Magazine.


While these turns on yellow trail were great, the ensuing turns in Glory Hole were by far the deepest of the season. Unfortunately no video of that though. All in all, a great day up in Alta. And with the second full moon of the month coming tonight, aka the blue moon, it is sure going to be a great torchlight parade. Happy New Year Everyone!

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