Alta LogoCome up to Alta on New Year’s Eve for the annual torchlight parade and fireworks. People can start loading Collins at 5:15pm and the parade will start at 6:00pm.

The parade will follow the main cat track from Watson Shelter to the base of Alta. Those wanting to participate in the torchlight parade should be intermediate skiers that can ski blue runs and please wear goggles. Those not wanting to ski can watch from the Goldminers Daughter Lodge at the base of Collins. Or you can watch in your car parked anywhere along Hwy 210. Please pull off the road to watch.

The parade route will be marked with flares and flame torches will be given to adults prior to the parade. Please have children wear headlamps or carry flashlights. No open containers are allowed on the lifts. Please no beginner skiers. The firework show will be held while the torchlight parade is in progress. Containers for the Utah Food Bank drive will also be out all day and during the parade. Please bring a non-perishable item to donate for the Alta Food Drive on Saturday, December 31st.

We’ll see you out there at 5:15 to welcome in the New Year and hopefully bring the snow our way!

3 Replies to “Alta Torchlight New Years Eve Parade”

  1. I had a question, not about the Torchlight parade though. I noticed one of the pic’s of the day that they painted some of the lift poles white for some reason. That seems liks a strange thing to do, because wouldn’t that be a risk to run into it? It’s like using a grass colored golf ball. Just curious as to the reason for this.

  2. Barry, from what I understand it has something to do with deflecting/refracting sunlight from the poles to keep them from warping. That’s my “non-scientific” understanding, anyway. Maybe someone else can explain it more thoroughly.. but that’s the basics of it.

  3. Interesting. You would think there might be another similar color that would achieve this without using the color of snow.

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