images-21Next Saturday, September 7th, Alta Ski Area will be hosting a tree planting event.  Meeting at the Albion Base picnic tables outside the Albion Grill at 8 am participants will help TreeUtah plant 1,500 Limber Pines.  Volunteers must be 16 years of age and accompanied by an adult if not over the age of 18.  Please bring protective clothing, sturdy close-toed footwear and a pack to carry a water bottle, gloves, sunscreen, and snacks.  Lunch will be provided by Whole Foods.

If you have children (ages 8+) that want to participate there is a second session starting at 9:30 am.  This session is sponsored by Whole Foods and will be planting Engelmann Spruces.  To register for either group please sign up here.  A great event that will help keep Alta beautiful for generations to come.  Sign up now!

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