The Alta 2013 opening day was spectacular! They opened with four lifts (Collins, Wild Cat, Sugarloaf, Sunnyside) and tons of terrain. Unfortunately the High T remained closed all day but probably for good reason considering the low snow pack. Patrol bombed the crap out of Baldy Shoulder for most of the morning but never managed to get it open. They were definitely setting off quite a few slides so it really wasn’t too surprising that they kept it closed.

What terrain they did open however skied great. The fresh snow from the past week provided a decent base for venturing out along Tower 10 and tapping into Lone Pine, High Boy, and Stonecrusher…which all skied fantastic. Wild Cat had a delayed opening this morning but started spinning around 10am. This coming weeks forecast doesn’t look very snowy but I’m sure it will turn around soon enough. Enjoy Alta this weekend everyone!

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