Guest post by Ski Bum Poet…
Ski Bum Poet

Best winter ever! For the younger kid skiers that is. We have been biking on dirt in Park City the last two weeks. By getting out early at sunrise the wet and muck zones that do remain are still frozen. But we’re still trail riding none-the-less. And when I say “we” I mean Juno the border collie and me.

The FeedIn the SLC valley pedaling on dirt is old news. So in the spirit of mountain recreation and our very unique winter, here are Ski Bum Poet’s select skiing biking health/energy products courtesy of The Feed. If you have not checked these guys out yet, it’s time. The Feed offers the widest selection of active nutrition and healthy snacks on the market today. Killer selection of both new and obscure brands, as well as the classics like Clif Bar.

Expand your energy bar palette and trust me when I say to start with the Rip Van Wafel!

Note: The image below is interactive (powered by OVRHD) and tagged, so click the information (i) icons on each product to read a short description or go to The Feed. Oh and if you’re in Utah anyway, don’t forget to enjoy some brown pow!


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