The storm day was Saturday and Alta totalled around 15 inches of fluff. Reports were very positive so we knew we were likely in for a good one Sunday, especially with the snow continuing into the early evening Saturday and the Shoulder and Backside yet to open. The plan was to meet up with our brother-in-law Pete and his brother Dave for an early access cinematography shoot on the lower Shoulder. What was to happen next could never have been predicted.
We hiked to above Tree Air and filmed Alta Ski Patrol as they did their avalanche mitigation on Baldy Shoulder. Trigger alert ? serious plot twist to come… Ski Patrol finished their work and opened the gate from the low Shoulder at about 845am. We were in contact with our close buddy on the Patrol and we were given the official go ahead to hike further up and into Shoulder proper.   After our first primo untracked line there was no other option than to hike straight back up to Wildcat and back on up to the newly opened Shoulder. Nate this time was allowed to boot pack straight up to Bad News now that the public was in an all out race to the Shoulder from both directions.
Then we took a quick run on Backside that was fast and smooth and decided it was time to head out to Rocky and Patsey. Not surprisingly we found more deep soft pow pow. Tuscarora looked so tempting but we opted on the safe side and skipped it on our way to the summit of Patsey.
It truly was an epic day and it was great to have a couple extra ski brothers along with us! This one will be remembered. 

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  1. heading to Alta in 3/18 -skiing Friday 3/19. Does anyone give a tour for our group? how much?

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