Superfeet Premium InsolesThere’s something I tell everyone about skiing, your feet will never be happy. But you can tweak and add a few things to make it more bearable.

The Superfeet Premium Insoles are designed specifically for winter active footwear. The Premium Insoles will give your feet extra support and help with the shock absorption while skiing.

The Premium Insoles have the full-length REBOUND foam that has increased cushion and forefoot flex. On the base of the insole is a cap stabilizer that adds supports to the rear foot.

The top of the insole features an Outlast Adaptive Comfort layer to help regulate heat and has an order fighting treatment to reduce the smell. The upper layer has a light Thermo-Foil layer to reflect heat back to your foot to insulate against the cold.

I will never have a ski boot that doesn’t have a Superfeet Premium Insole in them. I’d suggest taking them to a store that will customize and fit them to your foot and boot. With Superfeet Premium Insoles your boot will have a much better fit, and will fit like a glove. Your feet will be warmer, happier and you will be a better skier because of your new insoles.

Retail Price: $47.95

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