Rossignol FKS BindingDon’t let the color of these bindings scare you away. I was in the middle of a competition run moving from one feature to the next and I look down and I have no ski. I flexed my ski so hard it released my binding. I never looked back after that moment and will always have a Rossignol binding on my skis.

The Rossignol FKS binding is a sure bet and has helped me and fellow competitors stand atop many podiums. This binding has seven points of contact and the longest elastic travel of any binding out there. The FKS binding has elastic travel throughout the binding movement to allow room for recovery before a fall, resulting in the best prevention for pre-release binding currently on the market.

I was a little nervous the moveable or turnable heel piece would be too much for me to handle but I love it. It’s easy to click into and I feel nimble when skiing on them and trust their function and stability as a binding. The turnable heel piece accurately controls retention and the release of the binding. Basically this binding won’t release when you don’t want it to but in major crashes it’ll release to save your knees.

A special feature to this binding is that it has the shortest mounting zone available. This binding will allow your ski to flex where it naturally would making your turns more effortless and seamless and less energy will be used to make the ski do what you want it to do. The beauty of this binding is that it will allow every movement from your foot to translate directly to your ski. It comes with a dual action race toe piece providing reinforced contact in high stress areas. The Rossignol FKS binding comes in two different dins, 18 DIN and a 14 DIN and it comes with an XXL brake option to accommodate your powder ski, a necessity here in Utah.

Don’t worry, you’ll be noticed on the mountain with these bright bindings attached to your skis. Everyone will know you are a true shredder and mean business.

DIN pricing varies. Check Availability or compare prices from other top stores by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

FKS 140 MSRP: $299 | FKS 180: $439

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