Alta received 14 inches of high density snow last night which helped calm some nerves concerning Alta’s still very rocky base. The mountain didn’t open until shortly after 11:00am but, the Alta Ski Patrol kept us all entertained setting off avalanche after avalanche as we waited patiently in line. Unfortunately, with the highly unstable snow pack not much of Alta’s terrain opened up. Skiing off of Collins you were pretty much limited to Fred’s Trees as the Tower 10 traverse was closed all day. Westward Ho provided some great turns if you were willing to make the trek back to the lifts afterwards. Overall it was a great day but don’t panic if you weren’t able to make it up because there’s plenty of more snow in the forecast. Winter is FINALLY here!

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  1. sick. It took you long enough to get this posted. I have been working all night and waiting for my stoke fix. Thanks. Nice air under Wildcat.

  2. Winter is finally here!!! we needed some thick snow to layer up the mountain. Looks like we’ve got a bunch more coming too. Bring it on!

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