As of Saturday noontime Alta had nothing but a dusting of snow on the highest peaks. Things were looking grim. Unless you were privy to the forecast. Winter arrived with a vengeance late yesterday and has taken a tight grip on northern Utah. With the valleys painted white and Alta receiving over 2 feet of blower pow and still falling, things have definitely flip-flopped. More snow is in the forecast leading up to the opening of Alta’s lifts November 22nd. 

Today we decided to let the snow pile up a bit more before heading out for an afternoon hike to High Boy. Some skiers we encountered on our way up Greely Hill complained of rocks. That was to be expected. But we figured we know there aren’t a ton of rocks on High Boy if you know where to go. The entire run down only one of us hit a single rock. The snow was blower and deep enough (for the first storm of the season) that with speed you could really barrel some turns and the underbrush wouldn’t effect your skis. At slow speeds you could get hung up a bit. I can safely say that I was not expecting to get faceshots today, or be able to actually get deep in some speedy turns, but I was wrong. What a day and what a start to the season. Keep the storms rolling in! 

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