The past two days have been nothing short of phenomenal. Yesterday (Tues) was just one of those deep powder days that sticks in your mind for months…if not years. There was deep Deep DEEP snow, especially on west-facing Keyhole, and with minimal crowds.¬†Not much terrain opened beyond the High T but with snow continuing to fall throughout the day it didn’t matter.¬†Wednesday greeted us with 5 fresh inches and counting, but the new snow was a bit thicker and created an upside-down effect in spots. Luckily the winds picked up, buffing and refilling Alta’s slopes all day. It’s looking like our epic pow storm is coming to an end tomorrow but nothing beats bluebird skies and 27″ of fluff! Get some!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”375″][/youtube]

5 Replies to “Deepest Day Of The Year!”

  1. Sick! I noticed that one of you guys were wearing some Smith’s with a red sol-x lens which is normally good for bright conditions. Just wondering how they work in flat conditions?

  2. As much as I like the slow-mo tree landing you should post just that shot but in regular motion sometime. I think it has the effect of showing just how hard you slammed into the tree, thus making it hilarious.

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