It snowed a very surprising 10 inches overnight bringing the grand total for this storm to 23 inches.  Minimal snow was forecast overnight so it was a bit of a sleeper pow day today, as the valley was clear and springlike.  Skiers did still manage to almost fill the parking lot but the lift lines never got too bad and  a lot of the best terrain stayed relatively empty.  This made for some prime conditions on Baldy Shoulder and the Backside.

The snow was velvety smooth where left untracked and was even skiing great in areas that were getting tracked.  The only negative we found today was some hard icy crust in some places high on Backside and on traverses.   The mountain overall was skiing great everywhere.  Devil’s Castle did not open nor did the Baldy Chutes so get on up there this weekend and get some of that freshy fresh!


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