The upper Baldy Shoulder traverse opened again today after being closed for weeks. You have to do the limbo under some ropes to get there but, today it was worth it. The snow was smooth and creamy and with the Jitterbug boot pack still closed Baldy Shoulder was one of your best options. The video below was filmed in the Bad News chutes where coverage was surprisingly decent. Looks like another sunny day tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for a Jitterbug boot pack opening.

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”375″][/vimeo]
Baldy Shoulder Traverse - Cory Akin

5 Replies to “Baldy Shoulder”

  1. The limbo on the traverse out to the shoulder was pretty cool, and again, something I’ve never seen at Alta before. Nate, did you get any pictures of it? The rigging actually worked quite well to create a snow bridge over a super sketchy area of the traverse. And as you mentioned, the snow under bad news was good and worth the hassle to get out there. Although there are still lots of rocks just barely covered. I found a few of them at the bottom of powder field where it flattens out. My skis are getting hammered!

  2. Nice Footy! Didn’t take long to dial that in.
    Did I mention you are crazy?
    Save some snow for me on Monday.

  3. Jesse I threw a pic in of the limbo traverse. Found those rocks you were talking about in the flat section of the shoulder. My skis hate me. Chris, love the gopro…super fun to play around with. Thanks again.

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