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Discounted Alta Tickets

By , December 11, 2013 5:00 PM

Planning a trip to Alta this winter? Well then make sure you check out for Discounted Alta Tickets. Partnering with many of the top ski resorts, Get Ski Tickets offers massive discounts on not only lift tickets but equipment rentals and lessons as well.  Based out of Denver, Colorado… strives to keep skiing and snowboarding affordable. Since the 1970’s lift ticket prices have climbed steadily upwards. “It’s our goal to provide discount lift tickets for skiers and snowboarders while increasing revenue for resorts,” says Heather Quinn. “Deals found on the website are 10% to 60% off the cost of the window rate.”

Current deals at Alta only include 10% off multi-day passes for adults and juniors but next door at Snowbird current offers are going for 43% off adult single-day tickets! So start your ski vacation planning now and get those lift tickets booked to save big.

Alta Powder Gone Wrong

By , December 3, 2013 5:47 PM

There wasn’t much open today at Alta but that didn’t matter. With an empty parking lot and 13″ of fresh pow you could find good skiing everywhere. The High-T and Baldy Shoulder remained closed all day but shots off of Tower 10 provided the goods lap after lap, or so I was told. Ended most of my season on my first lap nailing a stump off of a small cat track at the bottom of High Boy. Broke both my tibia and fibula so I will be handing the filming torch over to my brother Mike. Stay tuned for more updates from his eyes as the season progresses. We’ll see you all in February or March!

Alta 2013 Opening Day

By , November 22, 2013 9:31 PM

The Alta 2013 opening day was spectacular! They opened with four lifts (Collins, Wild Cat, Sugarloaf, Sunnyside) and tons of terrain. Unfortunately the High T remained closed all day but probably for good reason considering the low snow pack. Patrol bombed the crap out of Baldy Shoulder for most of the morning but never managed to get it open. They were definitely setting off quite a few slides so it really wasn’t too surprising that they kept it closed.

What terrain they did open however skied great. The fresh snow from the past week provided a decent base for venturing out along Tower 10 and tapping into Lone Pine, High Boy, and Stonecrusher…which all skied fantastic. Wild Cat had a delayed opening this morning but started spinning around 10am. This coming weeks forecast doesn’t look very snowy but I’m sure it will turn around soon enough. Enjoy Alta this weekend everyone!

Early Season Regal/Rustler 4…Skiable?

By , November 12, 2013 6:09 PM

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen some decent snowfall but north-facing aspects are still holding on to some decent snow. South-facing slopes however are pretty much bone dry at this point, even up high. We foolishly chose to ski Regal Chute to Rustler 4. The snow was actually pretty soft but the many rocks were not. Regal had much better coverage than Rustler 4 but that’s not really saying much. The Wasatch snow forecast is starting to look up with a storm predicted to hit this weekend. Alta opens a week from this Friday (November 22nd!) and we need some love from Mother Nature. See you on the hill!

Alta’s Boarding Pass Deal

By , November 9, 2013 11:38 AM

This season Alta and Snowbird will be offering half-priced AltaBird tickets (Alta’s Boarding Pass Deal) to anyone who plans to ski within 24 hours of arriving into Salt Lake City’s international airport. For only $52.50 ($34.50 for children) skiers can get their pow on within minutes of landing at both Alta and Snowbird ski resorts. Just preregister here and then bring your boarding pass and photo ID to any Alta or Snowbird ticket office to receive your half-priced pass.

Thirds And Eagle’s Nest Skiing Deep

By , October 30, 2013 8:02 PM

The past two days have been good to AltaReceiving what felt like close to 15″, Alta’s base is really starting to show signs of some actual depth. The snow today was light and fluffy up high and a little thicker down low. We spun a lap in Gunsight, Thirds, and Eagle’s Nest and only hit a couple of stumps and rocks here and there. There was some sluffing going on in Thirds but nothing like what was reported yesterday on Baldy Shoulder. Alta plans to open November 22nd and as of now conditions look to be shaping up nicely.

Alta Conditions Report

By , February 13, 2013 5:30 PM


High Boy – Steven Verdugo

With an unexpected 3″ overnight and a little bit of help from the winds, Alta’s hardpack conditions quickly turned around today. Nothing mind blowing but certain areas skied really soft and smooth, especially slopes in between West Rustler and Lone Pine. Thirds and the front side were also surprisingly good, supporting face-shotty snow. Baldy Shoulder looked great but was closed due to the winds. Late tonight forecasters are calling for another small system to move in and drop up to 5″ by tomorrow afternoon. I’ll take it!

MLK Day Groomer Shreddin’ at Alta

By , January 21, 2013 3:19 PM

Alta Groomer Skiing

The skiing at Alta today wasn’t anything to write home about. The holiday crowds weren’t too bad but considering that groomers were the only thing worth skiing you definitely found yourself playing dodge ball down every run. Thankfully the groomers were still grippy and not too icy. We tried venturing out into Devil’s Castle at one point but the snow was manky and a bit crusty in spots. Baldy Shoulder unfortunately yielded the same results. However, not all was lost as even a groomer day at Alta sure beats a couch day in the smog. Enjoy the sunshine. There are some good signs the smog will be moving out soon.

Mr. King

Devil’s Castle Opens

By , January 3, 2013 6:18 PM

Devils Castle opened today for the first time this season. The early shots got tracked up quick but very few were venturing all the way out. The snow was velvety smooth and creamy allowing for as much speed as you could take. The Apron was decent but not necessarily worth the hike as the skiing was just as good if not better along the main wall. Alta was empty today so there’s plenty of lines left if you’re thinking about getting after it tomorrow. Happy shredding!

Alta Chute Skiing

By , December 14, 2012 3:25 PM

Although the strong winds of Tuesday night closed down much of Alta’s terrain over the past few days, the skiing has remained velvety smooth in areas. The lighting has continued to be very flat but if you stay in the trees you can see just fine. West Rustler is so smooth you can ski it as fast as you want even without being able to make out much of the slope. The trees and chutes in eagles nest, although still a bit rocky, have plenty of powder pillows left to dump speed in.  If you haven’t checked the forecast in awhile then get a load of this!  I think you’ll like what you see!