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Winter’s Back

By , January 11, 2018 12:00 PM

A cold front pushed it’s way into Alta early this morning with a burst of heavy snow.  We saw some graupel throughout the day as well and winds were consistently blowing snow around the mountain.  The skiing stayed soft well into the afternoon.  First tracks this morning down High Boy at around 1030 am were dare I say epic.

Untracked from top to bottom and nothing to feel underneath but soft snow.  Stonecrusher was skiing fantastic, as was West Rustler all day long.  Not much terrain opened so we ventured out onto the low Shoulder and found late day turns worth the hike.  Best day of the season so far in our humble opinion.


Finally, We’re Skiing Pow Again

By , January 7, 2018 6:31 PM

Seven inches of soft and pretty dense snow fell yesterday and last night at Alta which made for surprisingly fun and fast conditions.  There are still plenty of rocks and random hazards on most of the terrain but certain spots are really filling in to the point where you can begin to send it.

High Boy and Baldy Shoulder definitely have good coverage in most areas.  The Backside early on right when it opened was really fast and smooth.  The wrap around traverse to access the top of High Boy was worth the short commitment of time.  Thirds also had some great snow and is starting to fill in a bit.  All in all the mountain today was alive again.  Soft snow and blue skies and relatively mild temperatures made it close to epic, on 2018 standards of course.


Things Are Crazy At Alta

By , December 18, 2017 10:39 AM
For those of us who’ve been skiing Alta for a long time, the state of our mountain has definitely reached a place once inconceivable. There is literally a boot pack that switches to sidestep going up Backside turning and ending on the top of Thirds.  You can also hike the boot pack up Jitterbug to access front facing terrain.
The smartest trip we found was Backside traverse crossing above Susie’s to a short side step that takes you across the bottom of Thirds and allows you to access High Boy and subsequently Lone Pine.  We put in time sidestepping the upper section of High Boy to access Lone Pine because we dropped too low.  These kinds of things aren’t supposed to happen but they are and we’re embracing it.  Get out there and explore because it ain’t bad!  Oh and the forecast is getting better, light has been spotted at the end of the tunnel.

Surprise Deepness

By , December 5, 2017 9:45 PM
The snow at Alta today exceeded expectations by a long shot. Admittedly we weren’t expecting much to begin with. But Alta Ski Patrol really worked hard to get the lower half of Wildcat open first thing and surprisingly Ballroom and Baldy Shoulder opened mid-morning.
The snow was light and deep where you could avoid rocks, as early season conditions still exist. Tombstone area on Baldy was skiing fantastic. The groomers are also filling in nicely. The 2-week forecast is no bueno so get out there now while this fresh dump is still light and dry.



September High Boy Lap

By , September 26, 2017 12:25 PM

Alta received it’s first big dump of the season last weekend.  I’m not exactly sure how much snow fell but I did watch the snow depth recording hit 19″ at one point this past Sunday.  I skied that afternoon and the freshly fallen snow was extremely sticky.  I had to literally straight line Punch Bowl just to make it down.

Yesterday, however, was a different story.  The cold overnight temps helped to dry out the snow providing great skiing conditions.  We decided to try our luck with High Boy and were pleasantly surprised!  It was rocky up top but the main gut skied smooth with little to no shark bites.  It looks like we return to Fall this week with warm temps forecasted to take control for the extended future.

What A Season!

By , April 9, 2017 11:21 PM

The season is almost over, but not without more bottomless powder!  The weather came in strong with thunder, lightning and winds.  Graupel filled the mountain back in and eventually it turned to snow. Some hours were heavy at times, recording multiple inches per hour.  By Sunday morning Alta reported 16″ of fresh. During the day it snowed an additional 7″, totaling 26 inches! We have crossed over the 500’’ barrier for the 2016-2017 season!

Snow quality was light and fluffy all morning.  Mostly cloudy skies eventually cleared to a beautiful sunny ski day.   Alta patrol was on it like always, opening Backside early before the sun warmed the snow.  The snow got pretty heavy, but what can we expect for April 9th?  Lots of happy skiers all over the mountain were soaking in some of the last days of the winter.  Always a little sad to see it winding down, but another great season for the books!  One more week till closing folks, so get it while you can.

Spring Pow

By , March 28, 2017 8:56 PM

Old man winter isn’t quite done yet!  Monday’s burst of powder brought over a foot of snow, which made for some great storm riding. The sun came out today around 10 am which led to the openings of Backside and the Shoulder. Both of them skied smooth, creamy and a little on the heavy side.  But who is complaining?  Keyhole opened shortly after, which was ripping.  

Low crowds on the mountain reduced the powder panic, giving everyone plenty of room to get their turns in. Stunning clouds and beautiful colors in the mountains makes you never want the winter to end.  The forecast looks promising with another storm expected by Thursday! Keep it up!

Silver Fork Tour

By , March 8, 2017 12:09 PM

Monday’s storm did great things for the Wasatch’s backcountry.  North facing slopes held high quality pow even late into the afternoon when we skied.  Most of the day was full of beautiful mountain views and sparkling snow.

We skied in the Silver Fork area of Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It’s a great area for new comers to backcountry skiing.  The hike is short and mellow with no difficult switch backs the whole way up.  The terrain down is equally as forgiving with everything from open bowls to picturesque tree skiing.

High pressure and warming temps look to be taking over for the next week so get your leftover pow turns in while they last!

Refresher Storm

By , March 6, 2017 3:19 PM

Not to complain about the skiing today but by this year’s standards it was nothing to write home about.  The storm totals were up there with Alta recording 14″ of fresh but the winds really put a damper on the snow quality.  In spots you could find turns that felt like they were waist deep but those turns were followed by either a chunky layer or some shallow cream.

We found our best turns in Eagle’s Nest where there was a bit of wind protection and even Thirds was skiing great before noon.  No gates opened today besides Catherine’s so as long as we don’t get any more 100 mph winds tonight the skiing in Backside and the Shoulder should be pretty rad tomorrow.  Get it while you can.  No major storms are forecasted to impact our area anytime during the next week.

All Time

By , February 23, 2017 9:01 PM

The past couple of days at Alta have brought some of the best ski conditions we’ve seen all season.  That’s saying a lot.  At the time of this writing Alta has seen a storm total of 39″ and counting.

Yesterday was deep but nothing compared to today.  It didn’t even matter that all of Alta’s gates remained closed all day.  The snow nuked so hard from opening to close that your tracks were almost instantly filled in.  I found my deepest turns in Thirds and North Rustler but you really couldn’t go wrong no matter where you skied.  Crowds weren’t bad either.

The forecast for the coming week looks great with additional snow forecasted tonight and another storm scheduled to impact the Wasatch on Monday.  Get those powder boards waxed!