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Creamy Mid-Week Storm Cycle

By , February 7, 2017 7:35 PM

Looking for some fun activities this month up at Alta? Look no further than ACE (Alta Community Enrichment). They have some great happenings this month from the WEXL Ping Pong Invitational tomorrow night, Feb  8th (can someone say Balls of Fury?) to Flamenco dancing on February 20th.  ACE never disappoints when it comes to music, either. Stonefed, local jam band, will be playing at the Peruvian Bar on Sunday February 19th.  Whatever your pleasure, ACE has got you covered.

February has brought more than just snow, activities and music. Nate (The Daily Pow extraordinaire) and his wife Katie just welcomed their first little shredder on February 2nd.  We apologize for the not as frequent daily conditions reports, but Nate will be back before you know it.  The storm outlook seems promising, forecasting to start snowing again Thursday night. Last weekend was a nice break in weather, giving skiers their blue bird days before more weather rolled in. This week’s storm didn’t hit as hard as we all wanted, but skiing has still been smooth and creamy. Our hopes are high for this coming weekend.

Conditions Continue to Improve

By , February 4, 2015 8:01 PM

Last night’s 3″ refresher continued to help improve Alta’s conditions.  Skies were beautiful all day with the sun poking it’s head out here and there.  Mid-mountain temps were extremely warm for this time of year causing the snow to set up pretty quickly, especially once there were tracks in it.

Most areas were skiing creamy and fast with a surprisingly limited amount of bumps forming.  Baldy Shoulder and Devil’s Castle remained closed all day so make sure you get up there tomorrow for the rest of the freshies.


Cream Returns to the Wasatch

By , February 2, 2015 9:13 PM

Alta only reported 2″ from today’s storm but up high you could easily find areas where there was 3-4″.  Considering the drought over the past 3 weeks this measly storm was something to get excited about.  Alta’s preexisting smooth slopes enabled the few wet inches to go a long way making for some very entertaining skiing.

Backside’s creamy smooth slopes won top honors today.  From the High Notch to the Rosso Gate, fantastic turns lasted right to the end.  Thirds and High Boy skied ok but you couldn’t point it like you could on Backside.  The forecast is looking decent with more snow predicted through Wednesday!


Alta Cream Skiing

By , March 3, 2013 9:50 PM

Considering only 5″ were reported by the end of the day today it sure felt a lot more like 10″. The fresh fluff skied surprisingly good. A crusty layer was certainly evident but there were enough soft spots in between to make the chunder manageable. Alta Ski Patrol had most of their main gates open and the crowds weren’t bad at all for a weekend day. Thirds and Backside were skiing exceptionally smooth and most of the front side, although much more bumpy, had plenty of powder pillows to splash around in. As of this report Alta has reported an additional 2″ since closing. Keep it coming!